Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Thinking Outside the Protocol

I work remotely from the rest of my team and bosses (some based in NZ, most based in Sydney, Australia). This presents quite a few challenges day-to-day. I often need to move ISO's around for various reasons. We don't have a massive amount of "available" disk in our company, so we try not to replicate I.T related files too heavily.

So, the problem....I noticed when trying to straight SMB copy large (eg. 3.6GB) files from our Data Center to the site I work out of (1000km from the DC) our riverbeds don't handle the requests well, they tend to flood and drop my transfer rate down to 1-1.5KB/sec! Oh, and this also impacts the site now as the riverbed is no longer doing it's job properly. Rather than bothering the network guys to fix this (they are aware of it), I thought of a neat way to work around it.

We have a management server for us sysadmins located in the Data Center. I simply copied my ISOs there, turned on IIS, and added the following MIME Type:

Extension: .iso
MIME Type: application/octet-stream

Punch the URL to the file into Free Download Manager, and I'm now downloading over HTTP at ~700KB/sec without impacting the site (as this is properly QOS'd on our riverbeds).

Happy Days!