Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Using AdBlock to hide Dennis Reno's smug face

I use Chrome (where possible), and I hate ads. So I use the AdBlock plugin. It does a fantastic job at blocking most ads, but it also does a great job at removing all those annoying web parts you can live without.

For example, I spend a lot of my professional life logging into the My Oracle Support (MOS) website. Anyone that uses MOS, or deals with Oracle support will understand when I say...I hate Oracle, I hate their support model, but mostly, I hate staring at Dennis Reno's smug face every time I login.

Adblock allows me to simply select the bits I class as "ads" and hide them. To do this you select "block an ad on this page". Next you select the web part you class as an ad (in this case, Reno's face) click "looks good" then "block it!" and....

Much better!

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