Thursday, June 27, 2013

A practical use for Raspberry Pi

There are hundreds of Raspberry Pi projects online, each one interesting. I purchased my rpi a while ago in hopes it would replace my bedroom HTPC...unfortunately they're just not great at handling large media libraries. I did however find a very practical use for it when preparing for a family holiday.

We had rented an apartment at Noosa for the week and I knew whilst the accommodation was very nice, they only offered basic pay-tv. So I installed the latest openelec image using this guide:

I took the rpi and a spare external HDD with me loaded up with must watch holiday movies. For anyone interested the reason I chose openelec over raspbmc was because I tested both quite thoroughly and OpenElec dealt with displaying thumbnails much better (smoother) than raspbmc in XBMC's default confluence interface.

When we booked I asked what type of TVs they have in the living/bedroom and was delighted to find out they were relatively new Samsung models so the CEC function worked great. So I didn't even need to take a remote with me!

Here's what it looked like:

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